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Gabor Kum was born and grew up in Nagykanizsa, Hungary. His father, Janos Kum is an engineer, his mother, Katalin Reizner is an accountant. Kum attended Rozgonyi elementary school (Nagykanizsa, Hungary), Cserhati Sandor Secondary Technical and Agricultural School (Nagykanizsa, Hungary) in class specializing in informatic-hardware. He followed his studies at the Technical College of Budapest and at Gábor Dénes College as an informatic economist. He can speak English and German languages. He lives in Hungary and Russia.

Since 2001 he has worked for Windbird Software, a Hungarian informatics and electronics company. In 2002 he set up new businesses, and got intrested in the European Union and in the CIS countries.

His hobbies are travelling and going to the theatre. He likes nature very much.
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